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The Gateway
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

And Here We Go...

All right, my first official post since arriving in Italy! I'll also eventually do some sketching to accompany my journaling, but my lack of time and imagination to draw is leading me to stick to text at the moment. To update on my travels, Shane and I both left Billings on Thursday, excited and nervous to begin our adventure. I'm still very anxious not knowing hardly any Italian, but being here for a day and a half has reassured me a little, despite our less than positive experiences in miscommunications. When we arrived in Rome, we had the mishap of not being able to find Becca, who we were meeting, for several hours...and had a very difficult time liking the information and police people at the airport. But we eventually found her and rejoiced! We then journeyed by shuttlebus to our hotel, though it turned out our reservations had never been we traveled by foot to a different hotel! A hotel by the name of Albergo del Sole, which turns out to be the oldest hotel in Rome, dating back to 1462. It was a lovely room with a great view, and the three of us very quickly passed out once we found out the beds were comfortable. And then we woke up and realized: we're in Rome. And so I say again, to emphasize how exciting this is: I'M IN ROME. IN ITALY. It's beautiful here...and the history lying around everywhere is astounding. I'll probably try to post again soon, so ciao everyone~

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